Moment. By. Moment

Coloured Stillness

Foreshore jetty






Rudolf’s nose

Sunrises leaves and boats watermarked

It was so cold my lens fogged up.

Hands were purple and I am pretty sure my nose resembled Rudolf.

But nothing could keep me away.

Enjoying every moment of ice cold air and relishing in being the only one by the foreshore.



Sunset Boats



Take it in.

Over 20mins the sky changed from a brilliant blue to a pinkish purple.

Gobsmacking and unapologetic.

The sky glowed like a beacon ushering us to soak up its beauty.

Sometimes the universe knows what we need and delivers with such a vengeance.

We can only soak it up and breathe it in.


City Lights


There is something about letting go of things you can not control and taking the time to appreciate your surroundings rather than trying to change them.

Admiring them, even.

On this evening, it was cold. I had just missed the sunset. By minutes. But, the light was still good.

So I experimented and took sometime to play around with my shot.

I accepted, this was my moment. I chose how I wanted to remember it. And I am content with the outcome.

Pure. Magic. Pure. Adventure.

And, all worth trusting my moment.



Subtle elegance

Black Swans

This was a moment. Have you been somewhere or done something and been completely blown away?

This was my moment. My brother and I were sight seeing. We were chatting away and all of a sudden he saw two beautiful swans.

Now, I know you are thinking they are just swans. But, when you are in a moment and fully receptive to life. They’re not two swans. They are beauty. They are nature. They are part of Perth’s identity.

Often, we are so focused on where we should be, and what we should be doing that we forget how beautiful a swan is.

This swan had a personality. Gliding closer and closer to us. Most likely because the swan thought we had food, but I am going to take it as the swan was comfortable in our presence and did not mind a photo.

After all, it is all about perception.

This was my moment, where I stepped backed and appreciated the beauty that is a moment and the ability to choose how I interpret my moment.


Granite SkyWalk watermarked

Granite Skywalk.

What an adventure.

Climbing over rocks, worming through crevices and skidding on leaves.

The air, freezing cold. Hands and noses bright red.

Everyone questioned what they had signed up for.

We were reassured by fellow climbers, the top was totally worth it.

So huffing and puffing we went.

And, they were quite right.

Completely, utterly and expectedly worth it.