Simply Majestical

flying seagull watermarked

A colony of seagulls gallanted over five jetty posts. Obviously, a pecking order was in place. Only, the most noble of seagulls occupied those five posts. To my eye, the seagulls reminded me of school photo day. They appeared like an untamed class waiting for a group photograph. I happily obliged.

Each seagull had a personality.

There were the class rebels, squawking and causing all types of fuss.

There were the posers, sitting dutifully on the post waiting for their close-ups.

And, the “cool seagulls,” comfortably occupying three posts.

They were the seagulls I wanted to photograph.

So naturally I approached.

Here I thought, I would be welcome into the seagulls “cool group.” My eye was on my newly minted social status. Yet… I slipped on the damp planks. They flew off. One by one. Uninterested in my attempt to take their photograph.

Soon, I became aware I had a draw card. There was something about those three posts, the seagulls could not easily give up. Slowly, they flew back from the river onto the post. And, with such elegance and majestical poise, I caught my photograph of a flapping seagull.

Life never happens the way we intend, sometimes it is far better to trust the process of life and enjoy the majestical beauty that comes with all adventures and all moments.





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