Adventuring she did do

Windmills watermarked

People interpret life differently. For some it is an endless adventure and for others it is an endless struggle consisting of competition and survival.

The only difference between these two interpretations is perception. This is why we should never compare ourselves to others.

In our society, trying not to compare ourselves to others is like trying not to touch wet paint. It is pretty hard. Especially when we are competing with staged Instagram photos and perfectly worded tweets.

This photograph reminds me, we do not interpret things the same way and that it is ok. It is ok, not to compete with those around you. It is ok for others to be better than you.

We are fortunate that for many of us we can choose. We can choose to not be part of a world that thrives off insecurities and social status anxiety. We can choose to cultivate our own path and not to compete, but rather celebrate our equals and superiors.



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