Three Amigos

Three Amigos .jpg

We forget the beauty of nature. We see it as an inconvenience. Too cold. Too hot. Too dry. Too muddy. Too something.

Nature offers far more beauty and tranquility.

But, natures beauty is not applied via a contour brush or airbrushing. This beauty is found by adventure and an open mind.

This flock of pelicans were all chillin’ at their local hangout spot. Basking in the winters sun and opaque blue sky.

I have watched these guys over the last few weeks. Always on the shoreline. This is their watering hole.

They showed no immediate fear as I came closer and closer, but, they drew closer to each other as I poked my camera into their relaxation session. A tribe of whiteness on the shoreline determined to enjoy their morning. They were in their moment and welcomed me in.





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