Pink Beauty 

Beauty in nature is not solely based on competition. Sure, competition to survive and to be pollinated. But, not competition for acceptance. Very different from our world. We exclude on a cellular and molecular colour. But nature, nature is not caught up in our superficial games. Nature in many ways has reached a much higher level of intelligence.  For nature blossoms and blooms with no conflict. There is so much to learn from nature. 

For me, nature reminds me of a slower way of life.

Reminds me life is not in the destination or in the journey. Life, life is right now. 

Life is this moment. Life is love. Life is self acceptance. Life is embodying this moment. 

This photograph was captured by pure admiration of this flower. The colour, potent and rich. The background is nothing but blur, for the stage is all the camellias. This camellia is not phased by the leaves of another bud, it simply blooms.



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