Soaring Seagulls


I stood in this cyclone of seagulls. They were everywhere. Swooping, gliding and diving for food, which I did not have, and a spot in my photos, which I did give them.

The sun was so bright, most of the seagulls did not show up in my photographs. But I caught this group of seagulls in a moment.

A car started and seagulls soared into sky. Flapping and frenzied they were.

If you look closely enough, one seagull has a piece of battered fish in his beak, can you see it? Look closer, it is there.

This photograph was caught by being in the moment. I watched the seagulls. There were groups of them. Some in the water, some on cars, some on rocks. I just watched them. I was in tune with my surroundings. When the car moved on and the seagulls soared I moved with them, as though we were one.

When you let go and you are in the moment, magic is possible.

But, that is if you stop trying to control it.



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