Photographs as an escapism

Behind darkness there is always light. I took this photo on a, very, crisp morning. Although, I was rugged up in a scarf and beanie, the lettuce glowed and glistened under beams of sun. I captured the lettuce and dew droplets with the intent to focus solely on the droplets of dew, but the light provided a brilliant canvas to play with. This photo gets me every-time: The dew droplets appear to be dancing, the lettuce veins are the strobe lights of the dance floor. It is in photos like these, where your intent was really to capture the happenings of nature, but instead nature offered so much more: A form of distraction from the rhetoric of reality, an opportunity for creativity, a moment of joy and the realisation that moments of positivity and joy, trump fear, sarcasm and dread.


Watermarked Limelight



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